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On: September 28, 2011
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About Luana Pascu
I am enrolled in the New Media MA at the University of Amsterdam. I have a BA in American Studies and Swedish and an Msc in Marketing and PR. My area of interest is advertising I am very interested in how New Media can be used to increase brand awareness, develop online projects and online advertising. At the same time, I am also interested in social media and how they facilitate crime and identity theft.


I never thought one Wikipedia entry could go as wrong as mine has. Although it was quite easy and interesting to write such an article, keeping it turned into a true challenge. Yet, I am sad to say, it will be deleted any way on Friday, September 30th, in spite of my efforts to save it.

I thought it would be interesting to write about a media page, Pagina de media, in the Romanian version of Wikipedia, website which is quite useful for anyone working in Advertising/ Media/ Marketing in Romania. First it started as a media blog and in time it has turned into an updated page where you find out dates ratings, circulation, advertising pitches and campaigns, clients and general news from the industry.

Sadly, I was unable to find a lot of neutral information, so I used the official web page and an interview of the owner from the Romanian Wall-Street Journal. I had some difficulties with the two pictures used, because I did not have the official consent of the owner, so I received an email that they would be deleted. I tried to contact the founder of the web page or a member of his editorial team, but until this time I have not received an answer on his behalf. Shortly after I finished writing the article, I was contacted by one of the editors who suggested that the page be deleted due to lack of notability and that it is only self – promo.

Finally I posted a cry for help on our New Media group on Facebook, targeting mostly Romanian students, hoping they would join the discussion board and convince the editors that it is a keeper. I would also like to mention that Pagina de media has been used as a source in Wikipedia articles, for example The topic is still open for discussion until Friday, September 30th, so please help save my Wiki!

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