Google Search Plus Your World; seems to be the next big move in a long and painful war

On: January 14, 2012
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So, what is going on on the interwebs? Well, in the social and search segment, things are getting heavily mixed up. Google finally uses its monopoly to push Google+ with its Search Plus Your World. Basically, the search results will get personalised even more than before, based on your G+ account. These personalised results will appear in the organic search results. Next to that, if you search for a person or brand, Search Plus Your World will show G+ accounts before Facebook Pages or Tweets. I can hear you say ‘duh, obvious move’, however, lot of people act surprised and start panicking. Strange.

Search is not only getting more social as we speak, it is getting more personalised with every change Google makes. Although for most consumers, the paradigm of ‘recommendations from friends are better than automated search results’ just started to kick in, Google is already headed for the next station. Google+ integration into your search results was just a beginning. Imagine a Google, only for you. Google will not only be used to search for ‘stuff’ on the web. With the integration of every possible thing in the cloud, Google can search anything from your life. Let’s imagine the next integration will be GMail, so when I am logged in and search for a certain subject, it will not only show results from the web, but also emails from you that are related to the subject. Only one searchbar in your life: quite a powerful concept.

I am most excited about the fusion between Google+ and their Search by Image. We’ve all imagined a world of face recognition software that would instantly tell us who that person sitting across you is, and now that world seems to be a little bit closer.

Check the video for a concise summary:

Originally posted at my own blog, but I think it fits here aswell.

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