Show Me the Data 2012

On: March 26, 2012
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About Stijnie Thuijs
My name is Stijnie Thuijs, 21. I am a Dutch student at the University of Amsterdam. I followed the Bachelor program Media en Cultuur (Media and Culture) successfully in three years and now I'm doing the Master in New Media at the UvA. Currently I live in Amsterdam, but before that I lived in Laren which is close to Hilversum and the Media Park. My interest in new media is triggered because of its novelty, the steady growth in popularity and the all-round integration of it in our daily lives. Having a better understanding of this phenomenon is really important for the present and the future way we all behave on every level of our existence as humans. On my website I post the public publishings that are on the web and my bachelor thesis.


Show me the data is an annual conference about data visualizations, developed by multidisciplinary students of the master New Media and Computer Science at the UvA and Editorial Design at the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (maHKU). Six teams of students will show their projects, which are interactive data visualizations on various topics, and there will be experts in the field presenting as well. New this year, is that there was special attention for Digital Humanities in the course.

Documentation on the previous years and additional information can be found on the website:

This year, the conference will be streamed live from Amsterdam. All attendants are welcome to join at the Oudemanhuispoort, but those who logistically can’t make it, can follow the event on the web. The live streaming (links) will appear on the website, about 10 minutes before the event starts (which is at 3pm Central European Summer Time). Footage will also be uploaded afterwards.

The students have pre-presented their projects at Fiber Festival Amsterdam, so here is a little sneak peek. [Info overview below]

Yuri Engelhardt’s introduction

Team Europe 2020

The NYC Explorer

Team International Students

The Happiness Team

Team Soilar Power

Beatmap (Photo by Rosa Menkman)

Show Me the Data 2012
When: 29 March, 15:00h – 19:00h
Where: Oudemanhuispoort 4-6 F2.01C
Fee: entrance is free!

Guest speakers:

Alberto Cairo
Lecturer at the School of Communication, University of Miami, author of ‘The Functional Art: an Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization (September 2012)

Bas Broekhuizen
UvA, Journalism and Media Department

Jan Willem Tulp
Information visualizations, interaction design

Program schedule:

15:00 Start of Show me the Data 2012
15:10 Alberto Cairo

15:45 Europe 2020 Targets Monitor
NYC Neighborhood Explorer
International Student Flow

16:40 — coffee break —
16:55 Jan Willem Tulp

17:25 Happy Data

18:15 — mini break —
18:25 Bas Broekhuizen
19:00 drinks

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