Passwords – a short film

On: November 2, 2012
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About Lisa Bergenfelz
I´m a student originally from Sweden, now living in Amsterdam. I finished my Bachelor degree this June at Gothenburg University my major being Media and Communication studies. Music, art and culture are some of my personal interests and I have been working at several cultural festivals in Sweden the past years. I am following the masters program hoping to gain deeper knowledge of the impact new media has on society. I am particularly interested in studying music and culture oriented organisations transformation and development in a new media environment.


For the Wildcard Symposium 2012 (WCS12) our group; Lisa Bergenfelz, Vicentiu Dinga, Paula Gulian, Matthew Elworthy and Joseph Jackson chose to interpret and present the theories of Jean Baudrillard brought forward in the book Passwords through a short film

Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) was a French philosopher, theorist and sociologist. During the late 1900 and early 2000 Baudrillard wrote several books and articles becoming renowned for his advocation of extreme interpretations within the sphere of postmodern culture, specifically in the realm of medias’ relation to society. Considering the complexities of some of Baudrillard’s key concepts, our group created a visual companion guide in order to understand his work through the lens of contemporary examples. If you find abstract theory difficult to grasp, then consider this video.

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