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On: October 23, 2013
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flat_genieWe proudly present FlatGenie.com, a website developed for the New Media Practices project.

Flat Genie is a place to find accurate, personal, and easy-to-use information about living in Amsterdam (and soon other cities around the world). There are three main ways to find out about living in the city:

Neighbourhood Info
It’s tough to get to know a new city. As students ourselves, we have experienced this first hand. This section provides neighborhood information designed for students and young expats.

Interactive Map
Our map is an innovative and fun way to learn about where to live in Amsterdam. The neighborhood layer shows a beautiful map of the city. The map is a great way to explore before you arrive.

An easy-to-navigate collection of resources about housing and other practical matters. Drawn from government agencies, corporate entities, and personal posts, the resources section provides trustworthy information.

Flat Genie

Screenshot of the neighborhood information page of West Amsterdam. Source: http://flatgenie.com/west/

The concept behind FlatGenie.com was born out of a need for reliable information in the housing market, particularly for students and young people. The site provides accurate information on Amsterdam’s neighborhoods, including interactive maps, official statistical information, and personalized descriptions. Two mock-ups were also designed for the project, one fully clickable app designed in Adobe Fireworks and a second created in Photoshop. Both of these mock-ups are in development for future release.

Follow our updates and join the community:

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