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On: November 4, 2013
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About Christoph Rauch
Born in Germany, I came to Amsterdam to pursue my attempt in increasing more knowledge about New Media and Media in general. Great opportunities are within digital media and I will specialize in Media Manipulations. Also much interested in the applied field, I will try to work on the business end focused on community management and online marketing. I also do compose music for different media which is all connected with computers and the opportunity more recent to compose for and with new media forms. Using media for realising compositions is only one key fact here. Go and check my music @






Overhyped or overmarketed?

Cloud based applications involve a number of computers being connected through a real-time connection provided by the networks of the internet. It coins the common goal of enabling customers to outsource specific computer applications and services trying to remotely compute as a utility in use,- all in favor for what is best suitable for companies and businesses.

Some questions arise for modern companies: What if there are updates on IT infrastructures, computational tasks that need much more power, what if they are in need for templates with high security policies with both the ability to share and change? How to cope with modern IT infrastructures that are vulnerable to adjustments and changes?

This basically means for the IT toTried-Cloud-Computing run an app or program on many computers at the same time, being completely flexible and finding a complete new way for a computational IT structure. Cloud computing consists of software that emulates hardware and runs several applications through it, using basically one or more machines for that, cost effectively and fast. Both maximizing the respond time to changes and IT resources, staying competitive with great advantages and professional clouds,- commitments for high performances on a cloud platform. All data can be stored as recovery solution as a surplus for IT infrastructures and services.

To make that particular service most accessible, Application Service Provider run computer-based services that work within a fully fetched network environment and regulate on-demand requests, standing as a great alternative against high costs of specialized software. Software, that differ in price ranges and effectiveness. With an application service provider, these issues are no longer present due to the fact of outsourcing software, physical and electronic security and built-in flexibilities. This model functions on the base of a distributed application structure that enables computing tasks with large workloads being channeled through the provided resources or services by the servers. The resources are shared by the main server that therefore initiates the communication session between requests and clients. Connecting to a theoretically infinite number of servers, the clients can hereby use selective resources that initiate requests and can be both work within centralized or decentralized systems,- more popular known as the peer-to-peer architecture.

This opens doors for cloud computing that would not be possible otherwise through only one instance, one computer. Multiple nodes (peers / clients) to multiple computers in a non-hierarchical network, combine their resources and start communicating. Focused on effectiveness and maximizing computational resources, the cloud network re-allocates the demands and services that can cover large scale applications (e.g. email services). It seems to be the future for all other applications required for a variety of functions,- best suitable for businesses that need an alternative IT infrastructure.

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