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Tim van Essen

Built: 1987
Born: Amsterdam
Company(s): Co-founder of and

Student: MA New Media and LL.B (Law School).

Particular interestfields: New Media (gadgets), debate on Piratebay, Intellectual property law, medialaw (internetlaw in particular) and Intelligence Studies.
Besides that I play an active role in a local political party [HAP] in the Haarlemmermeer.

Hates: People who adore Mac.

Leisure time: What's that??

Intellipedia: Intelligence of the 21st Century

One of my main interests, besides new media, is the world of intelligence. Spies, long leather jackets, newspaper with spy holes, espionage, cold war, totally my cup of tea. Since the United States Intelligence Community (IC) came up in...

NOVA College Tour: Interview with Steve Ballmer CEO Microsoft

Yesterday evening Steve Ballmer visited NOVA College Tour. Steve Ballmer is CEO of Microsoft and is well known of his flamboyant appearances at conferences. In this interview with 500 students of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam he talks about...

Implications of Twitter: Crime 2.0

Sept. 30, 2008. White man about 20 years of age, wearing a blue shirt, yellow vest, safety goggle and a respirator mask. An ordinary road-worker going to work you might think. No you’re wrong, this is the story of...

Ning’s Privacy Issues

My background is not only media studies/theories but I’m also enrolled in the Bachelor program of Law at the University of Amsterdam. This post is about my critique on the interaction between privacy and user on For class...

Response to sarahnats: What is Causing the Decline in Wikipedia Participation?

This short article is a response to sarahnats’ article “What is Causing the Decline in Wikipedia Participation”? You can see this short article as a further extension of her argumentation structure and my own experience of adding information to...

Book Review of YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture

Show off your favorite videos to the world. Take videos of your dogs, cats, and other pets. Blog the videos you take with your digital camera or cell phone. Securely and privately show your videos to your friends and...