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Love in the Time of Call-era: Rap music videos and the infectious relationship between humans and mobile phones

Attraction: Mobile tools R. Kelly ft. Nas “Did You Ever Think” (1998) The access point of your curiosity is the body, an exciting, new gadget. J. Macgregor Wise describes one perspective of human-technology relations as a received view in...

Interactivity is Affectivity

(cross posted on Over the summer I wrote an essay called ‘Interactivity is Affectivity’ for the tutorial ‘Current themes in new media’. You may like to read the following teaser, or even click pdf for the pdf.
Interactivity, Government and Affect

Interactivity, Government and Affect

Partly in response to that stumper from a while back, ‘What’s a blog?’, this is another: What is interactivity? I’ll start with the top result from a “define: interactivity” google query: If your Web site is not interactive, it’s...