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Media art to teach the unaware people

My first blogpost on the Masters of Media blog should be about a topic I’m interested in., but that’s not as easy as it looks, because my interests are very wide spread. The reason why I’m following the master...

Going to England, the city of trust? Internet eyes is watching you!!

If u have nothing to hide why should you care? Public to monitor CCTV from home I think the most of you ever heard of the famous story of Orwell “1984”. Its about an inhuman state, a state that...
Watching You Watch Me!! (…on Facebook)

Watching You Watch Me!! (…on Facebook)

The Web 2.0 application FACEBOOK analysed through FOUCAULTS PHILOSOPHIES ON SOCIETY. WARNING|DANGER: With this knowledge a consciousness is created with which people become aware about the possibilities of people watching/observing/monitoring people, both virtually as in the real world.

Mobile City Conference: Tim Creswell on Politics of Movement (… Standing Still)

Tim Creswell talks from within a framework of ‘twenty years of thinking about place and mobility.’ His talk at the The Mobile City 2008 conference therefore is less about new technology, but more about political issues and the role...