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Review on Jason Fried: Rework

Review on Jason Fried: Rework

I would like to start off this review by mentioning that Rework is not your average new media literature. In fact, from the perspective of the authors it can be considered as business book. However, if we read between...

The battle between industry and ideology

Just a quick word on something that might sound obvious to all of us, yet is a topic that in my opinion is applicable on most new media discourses. The struggle between ideology and the ‘real world’.

Californian Ideology 2.0, A First Farewell

Where the internet and greater new technologies before have military origin, nowadays technologies and implementation are developed and financed by private companies and organizations. Even the backbone of the internet has become privatized, as part of its protocol, DNS,...

Review ‘Ideology of Design’ by Branka Ćurčić (Ed.)

Before reading any further… Being born in ex-Yugoslavia and understanding its culture, environment and heritage, I can not exclude them from my review of ‘Ideology of Design’. My analysis could therefore be seen as a different non-Western perspective on...