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The Turing Test

The Turing Test

Something droll, courtesy of :D
The Great Global Warming Swindle?

The Great Global Warming Swindle?

So there’s a documentary by the British Channel Four which argues that human/CO2 caused Global Warming is a pile of steaming bollocks (smells better than excrement). It can grow to become a kind of counter-Inconvenient Truth, and contribute to...

Making connections at Slashdot

This is just a nice coincidence that deserves sharing. The top post at Slashdot right now explains that The Tamil Tigers Liberation Front has moved up from routine sea piracy to a space-based one They have been...
Masters of Media t-shirts

Masters of Media t-shirts

We have officially opened a Masters of Media store at Cafepress. You are welcome to visit us and buy one of our wonderful t-shirts.

Help a student! And fill out a short questionnaire

Matthijs Rutten has developed a digital survey for his thesis. It itvolves new media and politics, or in particular the manner in which politicians use digital communication tools in order to get as many votes as possible. In this...

OffTopic: The Shining

I’ve seen Stanley Kubricks film adaptation of Stephen Kings thriller ‘The Shining’ many times… I even read the book when I was younger… which I didn’t like too much, however, as it turns out I really missed to grasp...

The Parlor – A waiting room conversation

Check out this eleven minute video of a conversation in a waiting room which is entirely relevant in the context of new media (studies). It’s well worth your time!

Second Life backlash no. 3

this is (very) funny: Get a first life the guy behind it explains his actions here

The Simpsons understand

“If only we’d known that iPods would unite and overthrow the very humans they entertained…” From The Plastic Bag


Onderzoek doen naar Nieuwe Media verschijnselen wordt veelal moeilijk gemaakt door allerlei bugs. Hierbij een analoge variant waarmee ik vandaag in aanraking kwam: