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From Instagramming to Insta Shopping: Is this the Future of Online Shopping?

From Instagramming to Insta Shopping: Is this the Future of Online Shopping?

  Online shopping is a term that we have known for a long time and with the digitalized progresses in the commerce sector the whole shopping experience is getting to a next level. So, what does shopping have to...

Automated Ontology Structure In Folksonomy

My master thesis is finished! I’ve made it available for download for everyone interested in hybrid folksonomy/ontology Web organization. Download Automated Ontology Structure in Folksonomy (.pdf,  3100 kb) Abstract The purpose of this research is to evaluate automated folksonomy...

Classification, culture & the tag

Web 2.0 tagging systems like Flickr’s categorize the website’s content bottom-up. The classification is powered by users applying their common sense and intuition; wisdom-of-the-crowd, resulting in a folk taxonomy of everything that is to be found in the Flickr...
‘’, Mainstreaming the Long Tail?

‘’, Mainstreaming the Long Tail?

On the blog on Last.FM you can access the Mainstream-O-Meter which is interesting if you consider the long tail (Anderson) theory. It becomes a ‘mainstream’ interest to have an obscure music interest to end up high in the ranking....

Meta-humor at Daily Kos

This diary at Daily Kos confused me at first, because it was completely empty. No title, no text: there was nothing there. But looking at the various tags for the diary makes it clear why:
Justification for Iran War,... and Procrastination

I've finished a short piece on tagging as a form of classification, called tagging-delicious-and-procrastination/">Getting Things Done?
Why do tomorrow what can be put off until the day after?
I've been reading some classic texts on categorization and how...
Tag clouds as a research object

Tag clouds as a research object

Tag clouds are a nice way to visualize the content tags of a website. Flickr started this trend when they displayed a “All-time most popular tags” tag cloud on their front page. The size of the tags in the...