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Transmedia in the Netherlands

Transmedia in the Netherlands

Virtueel Platform Since November 2011 I work as an editor for Virtueel Platform, the knowledge institute for digital culture in the Netherlands. I write about Best Practices; good examples of Dutch digital culture. The projects vary from interactive installations, games, apps,...

Virtueel Platform at PICNIC 2010: HOT and NOT

I can call myself HOT officially since last Thursday the 23th. Attending PICNIC 2010 with 99 fellow HOT-students is a hot experience indeed. Packed in a decorated marquee, listening to  Sebastian Chan who is currently the Head of Digital,...

Cultuur 3.0 report: “het internet is nog niet af”

opening session Verslag van Cultuur 3.0 conferentie, 8 april, Club 11, amsterdam. Virtueel Platvorm.