New Media Project

Course: New Media Project
Instructor: Yuri Engelhardt
Period: Semester 2
Course catalogue: New Media Project

After completion of this course the student:

  • has gained experience with the conceptual and practical development of a new media project in a multidisciplinary development team.
  • has knowledge of the various possibilities and aspects of exploring data through interactive visuals.
  • is able to comment critically on new developments and challenges in the field of information visualization.

Students will work on a new media project in a multidisciplinary team, together with MA-students in information science and in graphic design. Data will be collected/”scraped” and an interactive application will be developed that enables the visualization and navigation of that data (for an impression of example projects see Parallel to this teamwork, there will be weekly seminar meetings. During the seminar, existing examples of information visualization will be discussed (e.g. at and, and various aspects of information visualization (InfoVis) will be studied, such as data, visual structures, views and interactions, InfoVis and cognition, data art, maps, and InfoVis activism. Every student will write a short paper on a self-chosen InfoVis topic.