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Peekko Chat review

Sneakko Peekko Peekko Chat was launched in January 2006 and put on the notorious Web 2.0 Products and Services list on 1 month later. The start was promising and a new Web 2.0 succes seemed to be born,...
Web 2.0 review: Webjay

Web 2.0 review: Webjay

What’s it for? On Listible I found the website Webjay which is a so called ‘playlist community’ from Yahoo. The site introduces itself as ‘a tool that helps you listen to and publish web playlists.’ People can upload songs...

Analyzing blog statistics

Great PDF about how to analyze our blog statistics/audience: E-metrics Might help us to improve.
Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License

I have looked around for the creative commons “problem” and I have found out that the best way to show that all posts are under creative commons is to add the logo to our header. Does everyone agree?

Problogger tools list + Copy Scape

I found this list to be very helpful…. (as we discussed in class). I couldn’t find it anymore, so I wanted to save it here! Problogger blog tools This is also a good website to use every once in...

Masters of media web 2.0 review – (13)

Stuff I Really is a parody on feel good sites like 43 where you can share your dreams and goals with people around the world and let them join in. Whereas the main question on is...

Creative Commons License

I have tried to make a footer for the creative commons license, but unfortunately this theme cannot be changed, for as far as i could see. Therefore I have added the creative common license on top. Perhaps this is...
Feed Shark

Feed Shark

Feed Shark is a service that will allow you to list your blog at the main blog services, such as Technorati, GeoUrl, and All you have to do is fill out the form in which you have to...


There’s an article about the upcoming crossmedia event & the multimedia climate of Amsterdam in today’s “PS van de week/Parool”. Unfortunately it has not been published online, but I’ll bring it to class on Monday for those who are...


Hi all, I started working on our t-shirts, here are my first two suggestions: T-shirt 01: Tetris style (t-shirt_mom01.pdf) T-shirt 02: Floppy style (t-shirt_mom02.pdf) Comments? Suggestions? (Black and white & vector-based) PS: Too bad we don’t have our own...
Remember the Milk: Don’t forget to add your tasks

Remember the Milk: Don’t forget to add your tasks

One of the many upcoming Web 2.0 applications is Remember the Milk (RtM), an online personal agenda with the very appealing option to add the locations of your appointments to the map. And yes… it is Beta. Since this...

173 million euro for preservation of audiovisual archives

The following article was published at Dutch newspaper NRC. The article reveals that the Dutch government is going to invest 173 million euro in order to preserve the Dutch audiovisual heritage. This money will be used to preserve 285,000...


If anyone was interested in further investigating the subject of the article of Lev Manovich ( ‘The Poetics of Augmented Space: Learning from Prada’ (2002)) that we have read for our last class of “Nieuwe Media Theorieen“, they may...
Web 2.0 review: Carbonmade

Web 2.0 review: Carbonmade Introduction Carbonmade is a Web application which allows you to create and host an online portfolio. Creating a portfolio can be a lot of work and take up all your time. Carbonmade offers a service which allows you...


LOL :) I don’t think we made it to the front page of any important newspaper, but I found the picture of us getting a tan in between classes on the ANP-website :)   “AMSTERDAM – Studenten ‘nieuwe media’...

Allan Kaprow “Happenings” in the New York scene

Jeff’s short presentation on Kaprow’s “Happenings” Allan Kaprow


Locative Media

What is Locative Media? presentation by Esther Weltevrede & Jasper Moes Here is some extra info on Waag Society’s definition of Locative Media, as can be found on the their website: PsychogeographyPsychogeography kijkt naar de specifieke effecten, die een...

(Free) Promotion 2: MySpace band networks

An important aspect of bandpromotion in the musicscene, if the not the most important, is networking. Searching contacts, maintaining them, find more contacts, maintain again, etcetera. Together with some other bands I worked on the online promotion for the...

Presentation: Ivan Sutherland – Sketchpad, A Man-Machine Graphical Communication System

Powerpoint for a presentation on Ivan Sutherland’s “Sketchpad, A Man-Machine Graphical Communication System” (Powerpoint in Dutch) Download powerpoint Sutherland

Presentation Manovich

Manovich about the shift from Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality: manovichar.pdf
Free co-operation TNT post

Free co-operation TNT post

The Kim website of the Network department of TNT post. In the end of winter 2005 three colleagues from the networking/infrastructure department of TNT post decided to build a site to make their daily work easier and more efficient....


Onderzoek doen naar Nieuwe Media verschijnselen wordt veelal moeilijk gemaakt door allerlei bugs. Hierbij een analoge variant waarmee ik vandaag in aanraking kwam:

An example of online market collaboration