My Wikipedia-page revisited…

On: September 28, 2009
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About Sander Leegwater
Hi, I'm Alexander (or Sander for friends) Leegwater – a Multimedia Designer, Bachelor in the Interactive Media at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam – and currently working on my Masters of (New) Media at the 'Universiteit van Amsterdam'. Besides schooling, I'm working as a part-time 'front-end' web-developer at


Last week all of the Master students where assigned to start a ‘new’ Wikipedia article, which we all did but with which most of us had a lot of troubles. Most articles where deleted within minutes after creation, others where submitted to be deleted for various reasons. My own article about ‘Richard A. Rogers’, one of our Professors, was also deleted very fast – reason? – the article was biased and self-promoting according to the ‘WikiAdmin’ who deleted it.. The fact that the same page already existed in the English Wikipedia (@ and has about the same content doesn’t seem to matter!

Of course I was a little pissed at these developments, you try your best to make an honest contribution and get shot down for apparently no good reason. So when I was presenting my work for class that week I thought it would be fun to mess a little with the system, I opened the page again and put the article back, only this time I didn’t care about the mark-up.. and voilà – the contribution was allowed to live on! While I expected it to be deleted again real soon, it is still up there. Go and see for your self @: But I still don’t understand it, maybe someone else could explain the logic behind this?

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