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Rosanne Sliuzas

I am a graduate of Media and Cultural Studies with a major in Film and a minor in International Development Studies. In my post-grad degree in New Media at the University of Amsterdam I am looking to incorporate non-profit organisations and/or international development into the field of (new) media.
Other than that, I am a wine lover, music appreciator, festival adventurer, travel junkie, Dutch Aussie and film & television know it all.

Cinekid On Wikipedia

Write what you know, it is often said. And love, is what I’d like to add. In embarking on the Wikipedia adventure this past week, the saying has certainly proven to be a very helpful starting point for me....

#PICNIC10 – follow us on Twitter!

More PICNIC attendees present! You’re invited to follow us on Twitter, since that is where we post most of our thoughts, photos and videos. ‘Us’ is: Follow everything that’s happening at PICNIC through #picnic10
Book review: “Deep Search. The Politics of Search beyond Google”

Book review: “Deep Search. The Politics of Search beyond Google”

It is hard to imagine life without search engines. Information is everywhere and we seem to need it all the time. So the importance of being able to access all information at any particular time of our choosing cannot...

The Wilderness Downtown: When New Media and Music Reinforce Each Other

Musicians are struggling, as they have always been. It seems to have to be part of the deal in one way or another. In the past decade or so however, things have gotten increasingly difficult for artists as the...