Social networks + SEO = Social SEO ?

On: September 13, 2011
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Sometimes the results of a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo are not really satisfying. If you search for specific terms sometimes the search results are very limited. Often only the first three search results give usable information. The search engines often only offer general information and less specific and academic content. Keeping in mind that search engines are not only especially designed for this purposes.

Search engine operators try to cover a wide mass of users instead of concentrating on specific groups. However they are aware of the importance of social networks. Besides news and blog search also social networks with real-time content are getting more and more important. Considering that YouTube, which belongs to Google, is the second largest search engine even being ahead of Yahoo and Bing it becomes really clear which influence the social networks have. As the number of search engine users is stagnating it appears that social networks are gaining more importance. Especially considering that Facebook the largest of all social networks has a potential for 750 million users.

Social networks as well as search engine operators are self-financing mainly from advertisement revenues. However the advertising is much more specific as personal data of individual users can be collected and evaluated. Social networks know exactly in which connections the users are among each other and which content is preferred. This makes it much easier to place advertisements noticeably. For search engine operators instead it is much more difficult to create specific advertising as the data can only be collected from keywords.

As Microsofts search engine Bing is cooperating with Twitter and Facebook it was predictable that Google now counters with an own social network. Google+ could be much more than just a social network and support Google to determine website rankings. Overall it seems to be an extension to Googles search engine.

From the perspective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) there are many different factors for a successful optimization of websites. The usage of correct keywords plays an important role in SEO. Besides common keyword tools social media is getting more important to find proper keywords. The possibility to find additional and new keywords also gives the chance for a competitive advantage.

Through social networks it is possible to detect new trends, current needs and individual wishes of the user. In combination with usual methods of research competitive advantage can be reached by this way.

Social news gains acceptance through cooperations and links from Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. Since Bing is cooperating with Facebook and Google launched Google+ it makes sense to share links and information through social networks to create Backlinks and indirect links.

Accordingly cooperations between search engine operators and social networks are getting indispensable in the SEO sector. Otherwise the social networks would have taken over the place sooner or later as this is the place where new trends and current news are communicated just-in-time. Finally you can say that it is impossible to ignore social networks as a part of search engine optimization in the near future.

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