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Raoul Siepers

BA Media Studies - Universiteit Utrecht
Student MA New Media - Universiteit van Amsterdam.

EVE Online: Work or Play?

Where does play end, and work start? In the online world of the MMORPG EVE Online, this threshold might be blinded by the dazzling glitter of the stars, but it is just as easy to pass. Within this hypercapitalistic...

Evil Google: A slave’s accusation?

Calling Google "evil" might just be the fashion of the day. We could also argue it to be a perfect example of Nietzsche's slave morality.

Self Promotion

Brand equals Interface? According to the Information Architects Japan design agency, brands are not mere reflections of their graphical attributes (Logo’s, color schemes, etcetera). A corporate identity or product is just as much defined by its interface. This means...
Review: Google and the Myth of Universal Knowledge

Review: Google and the Myth of Universal Knowledge

This review of Jean-Noël Jeanneney’s Google and the Myth of Universal Knowledge will provide the reader with an overview of the questions raised regarding the online publishing of books. A View from Europe Branded with the tagline a View...