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Wieneke Vucht van

Born and raised in the Netherlands, but I like to travel and explore the world.
I am currently working as a chief editor for Pauw&Witteman, a live late night talkshow (current affairs). Before this job, I worked as an editor, camjo and reporter.
Some time ago I did a BA in Journalism. I started the Master New Media in September 2012, to learn more about possibilities and use of new media.
Interests: composition of old and new media, (worldwide) politics and new media culture throughout the world.
Social media in Iraq: in search of the truth

Social media in Iraq: in search of the truth

Like elsewhere in the Middle East, in Iraq social media is a fast growing way of communication. Contrary to the situation ten years ago, the use of mobile phone is nowadays nearly universal. Internet cafes are booming and the...

Yes we can – the use of social media by Dutch politicians during electorial campaigns in 2012

During their campaign for the 2002 Dutch elections, politicians were mainly using blogs as a mechanism to advocate their ideas on the Internet. In 2006 podcasting and postings on the Dutch Facebook equivalent “Hyves” were added as additional ways...