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Why artists (should) support piracy

Considering the severely limiting effects of current copyright and the culture industries, artists are better off supporting piracy - financially, artistically and morally.
Embedded Video Can Cost You a Lot (in Holland)

Embedded Video Can Cost You a Lot (in Holland)

The Dutch organization Buma Stemra, monopolist in collecting copyright-remuneration for artists, announced a new price-plan today. In it’s brochure Buma Stemra proudly explains the model which starts at the 1st of January 2010. Although the brochure isn’t really clear, it...

The Uncontrolled Use of Ustream.TV

The Ustream.TV service can be considered as a social network site (SNS) according to the definition of Danah Boyd and Nicole Ellison. Next to lifecasting, the service is also used for redistributing copyrighted content. The infringement of copyright poses...