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PICNIC ’08 – Itay Talgam Interview

This is an excerpt of an interview with Israeli conductor Itay Talgam done by Markus Huendgen during Picnic ‘08. Talgam illustrates how conducting an orchestra can be a metaphor for the collaboration of people in general.
Watching You Watch Me!! (…on Facebook)

Watching You Watch Me!! (…on Facebook)

The Web 2.0 application FACEBOOK analysed through FOUCAULTS PHILOSOPHIES ON SOCIETY. WARNING|DANGER: With this knowledge a consciousness is created with which people become aware about the possibilities of people watching/observing/monitoring people, both virtually as in the real world.

New Network Theory- Parallel Sessions- ‘Network Theory’

This session moderated by Geert Lovink, follows a specificic route; from basic infrastructural levels of networking towards more philosophical thoughts. The first speaker is Tincuta Parv, she works with critical problems related to works dealing with techno-scientifical aspects. Her...