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marie-anne soyez

BA Literary, Cultural and Media Studies (University of Siegen, Germany), currently attending MA Cultural Analysis (University of Amsterdam, NL)


Every social network service has its own parodies, the more successful it is, the more it has. I will take facebook as an example for applications and actions that play around with SNS. Facebook is surrounded by at least...

PICNIC ’08 – Itay Talgam Interview

This is an excerpt of an interview with Israeli conductor Itay Talgam done by Markus Huendgen during Picnic ‘08. Talgam illustrates how conducting an orchestra can be a metaphor for the collaboration of people in general. does not connect your wisdom (wikipedia), pictures (flickr), your videos (you tube), does not show your words (wordpress), your profile (facebook), your character (felonspy), your location (plazes) or your voice (snapvine). is a friendly stucky homing pigeon...
Review: Hartmut Winkler, Basiswissen Medien, 2008

Review: Hartmut Winkler, Basiswissen Medien, 2008

Basiswissen Medien explains the most common terms used in media theory and gives an idea about the relationship between them. As a student looking for a basic overview, this book can be really helpful. It is short enough to...