Rolling up the vignettape

On: October 3, 2010
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About Alberto Angelini
italian, male / creativitheoretical guy / videoartisan and polymusician / BA in cinema, past experiences as screenwriter & director both for tv and independent projects / addicted to bergamot tea / currently training to become a master of media / compulsive reader / vaguely vegetarian


My wikipedia entry is about an italian cartoon called “L’Omino Bufo”, in loving memory of those bizarre and hilarious strips I used to read (and enjoy to the tears) as a child.

Since the available online information was very poor, I started to browse some comic lovers’ blogs and eventually managed to reach the author by telephone for a brief but inspiring conversation; he was very happy about my interest in wikifying his creature, and also sent me additional material via e-mail. Enriching and emotional trajectory: by writing on a topic I was supposed to be familiar with, I discovered lots of new unconcievable things about it – and directly from the primary source; so, while the entry was taking shape, also a whole chapter of my early life was re-open and edited.

HERE the page (in italian).

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