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Ihab Khiri

As a B.Sc. graduate in International Communication and Media at Erasmus University in Rotterdam I believe I am concerned with a very important and omnipresent development in current society. Studying media means studying everyday life.

My current interests are the use of Media for the development and social relations. As a current student at the Master of Media I aim to develop my knowledge with regard to community management and increase different skills that will create a base for future investigation.
Are You Ready To Get Tinderized?*

Are You Ready To Get Tinderized?*

How Are You Looking Online Today? Looking for a date but too shy to approach anyone face-to-face? Lucky for you, the market for smartphone apps that connects people from a distance is rapidly extending. One of those apps is...

How Do You Like Your Phone, Sir?

Technology is factually making our lives easier and more efficient, even though this notion comes with the critique that we get more lazy and rely too much on something we know too little about. Smartphones carry much more tools than...