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Alessandro Valente

MA student New Media
Werkzaam bij vakantie aanbiedingen site TravelBird.

Twitter, Micro-blogging and Mcdonaldization in the blogosphere

To understand the logic of Twittering or microblogging as a blogging practise it might help looking at the...
Social Network Site vs. Social Networking Site?

Social Network Site vs. Social Networking Site?

Boyd and Ellison give a useful definition for social network sites, that entails the minimum core functions a web-based application must have to be considered a SNS. But at the same time this definition falls short in defining what...

PICNIC 08 – YOUNG Seminar: Virtual Spaces

Amsterdam 25 September The motto of this seminar is that bringing computer simulations and games into the classroom will have a positive effect on the learning abilities of students. For a new media academic this can’t be very shocking news. Modern...

Stickam an analysis

Founded in 2006 by Advanced Video Communications popularity: More then 500k visitors a month Stickam is just like most other free web 2.0 social network applications, such as Facebook and Myspace, but it differentiates itself by also offering the ability to...
“Get to the top on Google” Book Review

“Get to the top on Google” Book Review

Get to the top on Google: Tips Techniques to get your site to the top of search engine rankings and stay there. Get to the...