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Chris Hoogeveen

Chris had always a great imagination. He made up stories since he was very little. When he mastered the art of writing he found out that the pen is a very powerful weapon. Not just for stabbing annoying people.

After Highschool Chris applied for the School of Media. He got in, but he choose a much safer path (career wise). For one year he studied Management, Economie & Recht. Very soon he knew it wasn't his best move. Next year he applied again for the School of Media. And even the second time he got in. It must be faith. Or just massive talent.

Journalism was the way to go. In the third year he specialized in media productions and made a short promotional movie for FC Zwolle. After that he did an internship at Scriptstudio Endemol and worked for a short period at Omroep Zwolle. He also got an offer to ghost write a book, but he declined once he found out he would lose all of his rights. That was the moment when he decided to write the story for himself.

Once he finished his education at the School of Media he applied for the Schrijversvakschool (Writers School). Once again he got in. Yes, it must and can only be because of his talent. During his first year he realized that he was the youngest of all students. He was just a little boy in the eyes of the others. It was time for a change, it was time for the University of Amsterdam.

Hard work got him through the Pre-master. This year it is time for some serious business. Chris just sharpened his pencil. So, watch out..... for some serious blogging.
Augmented reality: the first steps to a society of control?

Augmented reality: the first steps to a society of control?

Layla van Daalen, Chris Hoogeveen, Hanneke Mertens Every aspect of the world has an extra layer of information. It may not always be obvious, but these extra layers are most certainly present. Marc Tuters and Kazys Varnelis describe these...

The human race towards immortality or stupidity.

The idea of immortality plays a significant role in the human life. Within every generation, and within every culture this is an issue. The Chinese incorporate this with Ba Xian, the eight immortals. Within he Indian Mythology there is...
E = Media Combinations2: The survival of the fittest

E = Media Combinations2: The survival of the fittest

Every old medium was once new. And when something gets old we’ve got to search for a way to give it its old glance back. The printed book was once a new medium. It was revolutionary, groundbreaking. But today...

Is micro blogging the future for writers?

Micro blogging gained a lot of success over the past few years. With the arrival of web 2.0 there was a need for a new form of writing. Long articles and ongoing features were not what people wanted anymore....
Will Wikipedia end the disregarding of Swedish artist?

Will Wikipedia end the disregarding of Swedish artist?

Swedish singers are often disregarded. They won’t make it out side the Swedish borders. What happened there? Did publicity fall short? Didn’t MTV pick it up? Or is there some other reason why Swedish musicians mostly don’t appear on...

Dissemination of Social Network Sites

Social network sites are very popular within media studies. They are common research subjects. How often did you refer to Facebook or LinkedIn when writing an article? There is not one way to explore the universe of social media....

Who do you think you are?

Review: Karin Spaink, Wie is U? Ever had a Déjà vu, the feeling that you have experienced something before? It’s a strange feeling. You can’t exactly explain what it is and where it comes from, but it’s there. You...
Notion Motion: a virtual existence

Notion Motion: a virtual existence

Darkness has fallen over the Bodon Chambers. Only slim light shimmers over a pool of water onto a massive wall, creating a Virtual Space of light and movement. The Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson created Notion Motion: a visualization of...