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Jeroen Rijskamp

After achieving my bachelor's degree in American Studies, it came to me that all I really cared about in the latter field was the influence of soft power in a constantly globalizing world. Now, at age 25, I am on a quest to acquire a more in-depth understanding of influence spheres that manipulate people in their day-to-day lives.

New Media, and especially the web 2.0 applications, make soft power measurable in every discipline thinkable. Whether it comes to general areas such as age, gender, or religious preference, social media allows us to map every category into subcategories etc. This enables the present day researcher to find out exactly when, how and by whom people are influenced by with an accurateness as never seen before.

That's as far as my academic motivation goes.

Furthemore, I'm a DJ at various clubs, I organize parties at illegal locations, am part of DJ talentpool called KopjeK and try to be as inspiring and innovative as possible practicing all this.

Catch you on the flipside!
WappZapp; the revolution of interactive real-time television

WappZapp; the revolution of interactive real-time television

The computational era we currently live in overwhelms us with the latest gadgetry, fidgets and means of communications. It is a tidal wave of new media micro-evolutions which we engulf ourselves in every day. Its innovational force moves so...

The How-I-met-your-MOM-Project

New Media Studies is a programme that is constantly changing, evolving and thus outdated on an annual basis. Its theoretical base is a solid one, its pragmatic learnings are however determined by the hegemonic character of the relation between...
Let’s talk iPhone? App-so-lutely!

Let’s talk iPhone? App-so-lutely!

The iPhone 4S In the advent of the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event, people were already looking for tutorials  in order to sync and back up all of the various apps they have gathered from the moment they “went apple,”...
Children’s Online Privacy

Children’s Online Privacy

Internet to me is a medium of convenience. The awkward feeling of being confined, limited, almost physically paralyzed, creeps on to me after being disconnected from the virtual dimension of the world wide web for more than one day....

Review on Stephen Baker’s The Numerati

Stephen Baker’s The Numerati, published in 2008, tells the story of our modern world’s “binarization;” how every individual is deduced to ones and zeroes through the trails of data we leave behind which are consequently gathered, analyzed and categorized...

Social Media are taking over our identity, for better or for worse.

With Facebook now claiming to have over 750 million active users,  along with a 100 million tweeters traceable through the current 22 million checkins of 725.000 Foursquare users , it is safe to argue that one out of 9...