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Maria Perevalova

I graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University, interpreter department with specialization in Theory and History of Culture.
I have working experience in informational and advertising agencies.
Present time I am a student at University of Amsterdam, New Media MA programme

Twitter and Simple Forms of Literary Expression

Twitter is the most popular platform for microblogging, where short text updates(up to 140 words) are posted and distributed by means of instant messaging, sms, web interface. Microblogging is next in chain of technological tools for communication that follows...
Facebook in a Socio-Cultural Aspect

Facebook in a Socio-Cultural Aspect

According to the statistics the age majority of Facebook users is 19 albeit there are thousands of users aged more than 60.

Facebook for Fun

Facebook is the second largest social network after in U.S. with around 60 million members. But it is the fastest-growing and best-known sites on the Internet today and taking into account its great expansion overseas it...

PICNIC 08 – What will Google do?

On the last day of Picnic 2008, on Friday at Zuiveringshal West Gisel Hiscock, the Google’s EMEA business development director appeared with the company’s newest initiatives and strategies. Gisel Hiscock outlined company’s scheme of acting opposing the traditional approach –the...
Book Review: Literate Technologies: Language, Cognition, Technicity, by Louis Armand

Book Review: Literate Technologies: Language, Cognition, Technicity, by Louis Armand

In this work the thread of eternal philosophical thoughts embracing the Greek schools of thinkers and sciences of the 20th century, psychoanalysis, cybernetics, semiotics, etcetera, leads to a new theoretical approach in questioning the dichotomy of existence...