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URLs registered for the U.S. Elections

For those of us who thought domain name grabbing went out of style in the 1990s.. The Caucus blog at New York Times reports that the Republican National Committee has been parking domain names in preparation for the...

Meta-humor at Daily Kos

This diary at Daily Kos confused me at first, because it was completely empty. No title, no text: there was nothing there. But looking at the various tags for the diary makes it clear why:
Justification for Iran War,...
Where do you live online?

Where do you live online?

(click map to enlarge) Lately I’ve been living mostly in the Flickr/Last FM area and on the Blogipelago but I am a vivid traveler. I have day passes to and Wikipedia and I always enjoy a good swim...

The Parlor – A waiting room conversation

Check out this eleven minute video of a conversation in a waiting room which is entirely relevant in the context of new media (studies). It’s well worth your time!

Second Life backlash no. 3

this is (very) funny: Get a first life the guy behind it explains his actions here