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Allan Kaprow “Happenings” in the New York scene

Jeff’s short presentation on Kaprow’s “Happenings” Allan Kaprow


Locative Media

What is Locative Media? presentation by Esther Weltevrede & Jasper Moes Here is some extra info on Waag Society’s definition of Locative Media, as can be found on the their website: PsychogeographyPsychogeography kijkt naar de specifieke effecten, die een...

(Free) Promotion 2: MySpace band networks

An important aspect of bandpromotion in the musicscene, if the not the most important, is networking. Searching contacts, maintaining them, find more contacts, maintain again, etcetera. Together with some other bands I worked on the online promotion for the...

Presentation: Ivan Sutherland – Sketchpad, A Man-Machine Graphical Communication System

Powerpoint for a presentation on Ivan Sutherland’s “Sketchpad, A Man-Machine Graphical Communication System” (Powerpoint in Dutch) Download powerpoint Sutherland

Presentation Manovich

Manovich about the shift from Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality: manovichar.pdf
Free co-operation TNT post

Free co-operation TNT post

The Kim website of the Network department of TNT post. In the end of winter 2005 three colleagues from the networking/infrastructure department of TNT post decided to build a site to make their daily work easier and more efficient....

An example of online market collaboration


(Free) Promotion: Using social software for event promotion

A powerpoint presentation on the cooperate use of social software/Web2.0 for the promotion of events. Think about the usage of blogs/Myspace for the promotion of events. With quotes by Howard Rheingold (Free cooperation) and Geert Lovink (Zero Comments). (Powerpoint...

Can machines think?

The following text discusses Turing and living computers. The text is in Dutch: Vroeger toen ik op de basisschool zat werd mij gevraagd een oplossing te geven op één van de vele varianten van het volgende raadsel: Stel je...

Discussion Article Douglas Engelbart

Douglas Engelbart – From Augmenting Human Intellect: A conceptual framework Engelbart tries to solve the problem that the complexity of problems is growing exponentially. Therefore people need an artefact to be able to continue to solve these complex problems....

Discuss Article: Blogging, the Nihilist Impulse – Geert Lovink

On page three, paragraph three Lovink states that ‘blogs were the actual catalysts that realized democratization’. But wasn’t Usenet an early catalyst? Or is Usenet dismissed because it has never reached critical mass? He also states on page three,...